Key Value Stores and the API Versioning Quandary

If you’re not into APIs and versioning you should close your browser now!

— Winston Churchill

This is for people who have a key/value store as a database and don’t support partial updates. …

In it’s simplest form, back-testing is the process of attempting to verify how a given investment strategy would perform in real-world conditions, without risking real $.

Let’s say you have a hypothesis that a perfect time to buy is when the 20 day moving average (DMA) crosses the 50 day…

There are many NLP models floating around, and my favourite framework for dealing with NLP models is Spacy. The out of the box models are great for general well-written English which is great; but poses a problem when we start dealing with Reddit / Twitter :D

Firstly we have hashtags…

There are various types of quantities in financial systems, and the blindness to its complexity can cause a tailspin as systems become more complex. The goal of this article is to give readers more perspective as to why such a simple idea can become a complex topic.

Cash Equities

Cash equities (a.k.a…

Happy Holidays!

There can never be a singular ‘correct’ way to view financial products used by banks, asset managers, pension funds, etc, but at some point everybody has to code it somewhere into their system(s).

Here is a stab that may be useful. You can ignore the root node. Beyond…

David Doherty

Spent career at various financial institutions across continents and across the buy/sell side. Content/thoughts are my own, not my employers’

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